We pride ourselves in excellent customer service. We do not use hard selling tactics; we do not use bogus one day special offer prices; we do not visit uninvited and we do not overstay our welcome. As a not-for-profit organisation, our dedicated stair lift team are there to help you and give impartial, free advice and support so you can make a fully informed decision.

With many years of collective experience we can offer you a range of stair lifts to choose from. We can also offers solutions to overcome most hurdles involved with installing a new stair lift, such as narrow stair wells, curved or spiral staircases and doorways.

We have the benefit of being suppliers and installers for most major stairlift manufacturers, allowing the end user a wise choice of upholstery style and colour and optional upgrades. Our engineers and sales team are fully trained by the manufacturers to a high professional standard so they have an exceptionally high level of product knowledge.

Somerset Care and Repair

As a Home Improvement Agency we provide a range of practical services and home adaptations designed to support elderly, disabled and vulnerable people in order to enable them to continue to live warm, safe and secure within their own homes.

The company promotes independence, reduces the need for residential care and hospital admissions and improves the quality of life for the client group. We provide services throughout the whole of the Somerset (including Mendip, BANES, Sedgemoor, Taunton Deane and West Somerset), however some services are available across a broader geographical area, please phone and ask for details.

HIA's are not for profit, locally based organisations that assist vulnerable homeowners or private sector tenants who are older, disabled or on low income to repair, improve, maintain or adapt their home to keep them safe and secure in their own homes. By improving people's living conditions, we enhance the quality of life of our clients and enable them to remain in their home in greater comfort and security. We also offer a wide range of services, provide advice to clients and become involved with many local authority schemes.


  • Q. Which stair lift is best?

  • A. At Somerset Care and Repair we don't have a "best" stair lift. Each install is tailored to the individuals needs and situation. However we have spent years working with a variety of suppliers and believe the manufacturers we use offer a great selection of stair lifts based on style, price and reliability.

  • Q. How much is a stair lift?

  • A. There is no definitive price as all stair lifts are customised to individual requirements. As a base price straight stair lifts start at £1200 and curved at £2700, however these will have no extras such as power swivel seats or foot plates.
  • Q. Are stair lifts subject to VAT?

  • A. As a stair lift is usually only required due to the deterioration of mobility or an underlying condition the majority of stair lift installs are VAT exempt, we will ask to fill in a form upon install to cover this.

  • Q. What area do you cover?

  • A. Somerset Care and Repair does what it says on the tin. We will install a new stair lift across Somerset so please contact us to find out when we can get out to your property for a survey.

  • Q. Where do your stair lifts come from?

  • A. Somerset Care and Repair use UK manufacturers for all stair lift products. This allows greater support in the case of break downs and ensures reliability through out our range.

  • Q. Can I rent a stair lift?

  • A. In theory yes, however we don't recommend it. Stair lift rentals start at £500 for the install of a standard straight lift and a monthly rental fee of £40 (£480 per year), therefore in the long run it is far cheaper to buy a new lift, or if you don't require a long term lift a reconditioned lift starts at £850 (Subject to availability). Somerset Care and Repair will only offer rentals in exceptional circumstances and will always recommended purchasing.

  • Q. Can I get a grant for a stair lift?

  • A. In order to be applicable for a DFG (Disabled facilities grant) you will need an OT (Occupational therapist) assessment to say you are in need of a stair lift install. A DFG will then be applied for on your behalf and the decision made as to whether you are entitled. As a recognised stair lift installer we can install DFG approved stair lifts. As the client you can choose who you want to install your lift and Somerset Care and Repair can be nominated by yourself at the start of the process

Can't find the answer to your question above? Call our stair lift team on 01749 345379 for free, impartial advice.